Length of Service

The key specialist of our clinic Dr. Vitali Bagirov graduated fromIvano-Frankivsk Medical Academy, Ukrainehaving been qualified as physician specializing in dermatovenereological and allergy diseases. His successful medical practice inEuropegot a comprehensive approval in the German Chamber of Medicine. Afterwards, he has got a chance to adopt the experience of the German leading physicians: work under leadership of Prof. Bieber in the clinic attached to theUniversityofBonn, where Dr. Vitalii Bagirov has been writing his Ph. D. Thesis, and work in Dr. Nolte’s clinic in Hintze. The skills in the field of the cosmetic surgery were gained by Dr. Vitalii Bagirov in Vienna, under guidance of plastic surgeon –Associate Professor Dr. Worseg known to be the leading cosmetic surgeon in Austria.

Since 2004, Dr. Vitali Bagirov has successfully practiced in own clinic in the city of Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany, and since 2013, he has successfully practiced in own private clinic Center Dermatologie und Schönheitschirurgie V. Bagirov GmbH in the city of Baden-Baden, Germany.