Compression underwear

The successful result of a cosmetic surgery depends on the postoperative period.

The first weeks and months are determinant about the course of the process of healing and recovery after surgery.

Each cosmetic surgery requires its specific postoperative actions. But for the majority of them the most important requirement is to wear compression underwear.

During the required period of time this underwear serves to hold the operated area in the right form, prevents the seam disruption, reduces swelling and after surgeries on breast it holds its correct form.

For the successful course of the postoperative period, before purchasing the compression underwear, you should always consult with your operating doctor. It is very important to choose the right size of the underclothes, as too large clothes will not be able to perform its compression function, and too narrow may worsen the blood circulation and healing process as a whole.

Over the years, based on the experience of the set of surgeries, our clinic specialists offer patients to pay attention to the LIPOELASTIC company's compression products.

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