All our prices are based on the current legislation for doctors. Certified and licensed doctors in Germany do not have the right to independently calculate their fees for medical services. They are connected to the medical professional law concretized by the federal legislation as a medical service plan.

Legislator also indicates that prices, depending on the severity of the disease, the operation amount or the volume of the materials used, to a certain limit may vary.

Given the price we focused on cases with a normal course without complications or concomitant diseases and   they can be served solely as a guide.

Prices for Dermatology, Allergology and Proctology are within the federal medical tariffs.

The price of cosmetic surgery includes medical supplies, implants (for breast augmentation), surgical services and postoperative care. 

Prices are exclusive of VAT

Service Price
Liposuction 3200-4500 €
Neck Liposuction 1500 €
The removing of the sweat glands 1800 €
Breast Reduction 5800 €
Breast lift 4800 €
Breast Augmentation 4500-5500 €
Lifting of face and neck 5200 €
Eyelid surgery( blepharoplasty) 1500 €
Otoplasty 1900 €
Labiaplasty 1200 €
Injections of Botox 50 EI € 350
Mesotherapy from 180 €
Wrinkle Correction with Hyaluronic acid 1ml from 200 €
Carboxytherapy from 50 €

Plazmolifting "Dracula - therapy"

2 sessions

€ 280