Skin, with about two square meters of the surface, is one of the largest human organs with its own immune system, its own source of power and a private innervation. As a protective barrier to the outside world, the skin not only performs the function of the body to adapt to the environment, but also displays all the processes occurring inside it. Therefore, skin diseases not only have an adverse and often unsightly cosmetic effect, but also affect the condition of the body as a whole.

The basis of the success of our clinics in the field of dermatology is a long-term experience of the doctor Bagirov, his teachers and colleagues, along with the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. At the same time the success of the treatment consists of a precise definition of the clinical diagnosis of the disease, knowledge of numerous variants of its course and, most importantly, the possibility of choosing the optimal methods of treating a patient.

In our time of rapid growth in the world  industrialization dermatology is inextricably connected to the allergology. Modern statistics in the field of allergology comes from the fact that today every fourth person has an allergic reaction to these or other components. While the predictions for the future are even more inconsolable: the tendency to allergies in two years’ period of time will have every second person, and after five years each resident of industrialized countries will suffer from allergy.

Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases lies in the proper history taking and, most importantly, the correct choice of the manufacturer of diagnostic and medication that is only possible through the extensive experience of the doctor, as well as uninterrupted flow of data on the most recent advances in science and medicine.

Based on the fact that the skin is our invaluable barrier against dangerous modern outside world, we kindly ask you:

  • Do not self-medicate!
  • Do not set yourself diagnoses!
  • Do not look for treatment recipes on the Internet!
  • In all, even the most minor changes of the skin immediately contact your doctor!

It will enable a specialist at the earlier stages to identify and treat irreversible skin tumor diseases (see. Operative Dermatology), as statistics of skin cancer increases exponentially!

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