Breast augmentation with implantation method in the city of Baden-Baden, Germany
In our clinic Bagirov - we offer safe and high-quality breast augmentation with implants. We perform mammoplasty with the help of advanced technologies. Free consultation.

Breast augmentation with implantation method

Breast augmentation with implantation method

To the date, the typically used implants for the breast enlargement are of the ‘cohesive’ type. They have not any toxic effect, do not provoke the cancer development, do not subjected to the burst and do not require the replacement. The other methods, such as the enlargement by the own fat or the other artificial compounds injection have not yet justified the public confidence.

The implants position, its shape, size or the type of the surgical intervention shall be clearly clarified and agreed with the doctor.

  • Intervention type: Ambulatory
  • Anaesthetization: Deep sleep
  • Operation duration: 1 hour
  • Incapacity for work: approximately 2 weeks

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