Correction of a face for men in a private clinic named after V. Bagirov in Germany
Man's face correction with the use of cosmetic surgery in the clinic of Dr. Bagirov. Professional consultation before the procedure.

Correction of face

Correction of face

The cosmetic operations providing the possibility of the correction of appearance within the head area are considered to the date to be one of the methods assisting the man in feeling himself with confidence when being in natural appearance.

All the operations, such as the face shape modification, auricle position, nose, superior and inferior eyelids, chin and neck shape correction are carried out generally from interior, i.e. from the side of mucous membrane, thus enabling the absence of scars, edemas and postoperative pains.

  • Intervention type: Ambulatory
  • Anaesthetization: Local anesthesia of facial nerves and light drowse
  • Operation duration: 1-3 hours
  • Incapacity for work: 3 days – 2 weeks

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