Goal of G-spot augmentation

The G-spot is considered to be the most erogenous zone of the woman, which is responsible for the sensation of pleasure during sex and can lead to an orgasm through targeted stimulation. However, the location and sensitivity of the G-spot varies from woman to woman. It has been shown, however, that the sensitivity of the G-spot and thus the desire life during sex can be increased by enlarging the G-spot. This is done by injecting hyaluronic acid or the patient's own fat (after liposuction) under the G-spot, which gives it more volume and makes it easier to stimulate. This procedure is also known as G-shot.


How does a G-spot augmentation work?

For G-spot enlargement, hyaluronic acid/own fat is introduced into the tissue below the G-spot of the vagina. This is done as part of an outpatient treatment that takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Due to the increase in volume at the injection site, the G-spot is slightly raised after the treatment, making it easier to stimulate. This can lead to an increase in passion and greater sensitivity.

For the G-spot amplification, only biological materials are used, which do not pose any risk to the body. One possibility is to use hyaluronic acid for the injection of the G-spot in the vagina. This is a biological sugar, which is also used for example in wrinkle injections. Alternatively, the patient can also undergo liposuction before, which makes it possible to enlarge the G-spot with the body's own fatty tissue.

Feel (yourself) like never before with a G-spot enlargement!

A fulfilled love life is essential for health and well-being. Desire is felt differently from woman to woman, which is due to the location and sensitivity of the G-Spot. An increase in the perceived pleasure during sex can be achieved by augmenting the G-spot. Despite the fact that intimate surgery is much more common today than it was 20 years ago, many women still regard it as a taboo subject and are reluctant to talk about it. 

In our centre, we will give you a detailed consultation before a G-spot augmentation. A free and discreet talk about the planned procedure is part of the self-image for us. During this consultation, you will of course have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding a G-spot enlargement. Make an appointment today for a free, non-binding consultation!

G-shot at a glance:

Aim of Treatment:Enlarging the G-spot

Type of surgery:outpatient, in our center

Duration of surgery:30 to 60 minutes

Visible effects:after about 4 weeks of rest

Anesthesia: local anesthesia, half-sleep

Pain:none, slight feeling of pressure

Incapacity:3 to 4 days

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A G-spot augmentation can contribute to more joy in your love life. This is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis at our centre. Depending on the patient's wishes, the injection of the G-spot is carried out under local anaesthetic or in half-sleep. If you are interested in a G-spot entlargement, please make an appointment for a non-binding consultation!