Vaginal tightening as a contribution to more quality of life

Like other parts of the human body, the vagina ages. This usually leads to a loosening of the tissue, due to a loss of elasticity. Especially a vaginal birth is responsible for the vaginal tissue being dilated. Depending on how pronounced this dilation is, this circumstance can lead to several problems.

Depending on the extent of elasticity loss, vaginal dilation can lead to spontaneous loss of urine or even faecal incontinence, which limits the affected women in their everyday life, during sports or whenever they cough or sneeze. Vaginal dilation can also be accompanied by vaginal dryness or increase this condition, especially after menopause, which can lead to itching or pain during sexual intercourse. Finally, dilation of the vagina can also affect sexual pleasure if the vagina is dilated to the point where there is no more friction with the partner.

How is a vaginal rejuvenation performed?

At the beginning of the treatment in our centre there is a free and non-binding consultation in which your complaints are analysed in detail and your wishes are taken into account. The vaginal rejuvenation is carried out by many doctors either surgically or by laser. However, both methods are accompanied by scarring, which increases the risk of complications during the procedure.

For a tightening of the vaginal tissue, we treat our patients with hyaluronic acid, a substance that is also used, for example, in wrinkle injection or G-spot injection. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the lower part of the vaginal canal tissue in order to narrow the vaginal canal. Although this form of vaginal rejuvenation has to be repeated after 8 to 16 months, as the hyaluron is absorbed by the body, this outpatient treatment is almost risk-free, not accompanied by scars and is easier to adjust in case of problems.

Vaginal rejuvenation leads to more pleasure and quality of life

Spontaneous urinary or faecal incontinence occurs relatively frequently in middle-aged and older women and severely restricts the affected persons in their everyday life, which can lead to shame and even isolation. Vaginal dryness caused or promoted by vaginal dilation, which is accompanied by pain during sex or itching, is also associated with a high level of distress for the affected women.

Last but not least, the love life also suffers from a vaginal dilation that is too strong, as friction is no longer generated. With a vaginal rejuvenation, these problems can be solved almost risk-free, gently and on an outpatient basis. You can rely on 25 years of professional experience in the field of cosmetic and intimate surgery. Arrange a free appointment today for a non-binding consultation!

Vaginal rejuvenation at a glance:

Aim of Treatment:Tightening of vaginal canal by hyaluronic acid injection

Type of surgery:outpatient, in our center

Duration of surgery:about 40 minutes

Visible effects:2 to 3 days

Anesthesia:local anesthesia

Pain:none, slight feeling of pressure

Incapacity:1 to 2 days

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If you suffer from spontaneous urinary or fecal incontinence, vaginal dryness and itching or reduced sexual pleasure, vaginal rejuvenation may help you to improve your quality of life. Please do not hesitate to arrange a non-binding information meeting at our centre!