Facelift treatments for a brighter and younger appearance

Facelift treatments for a brighter and younger appearance

Brief description of the procedure:

  • Aim of treatment: Facelift/Necklift
  • Type of surgery: outpatient, in our center
  • Duration of surgery: 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Visible effects: after 2 to 3 weeks
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia, half-sleep
  • Pain: none, slight pulling
  • Incapacity: about 2 weeks

Not only ageing brings wrinkles

At some stage, facial ageing affects everyone. Individual anatomical features, hormonal changes and prolonged stress cause the subcutaneous connective tissue to lose strength faster, causing one’s face to accumulate skin wrinkles, and to look much older than one feels. Women can be more seriously affected than men.

Facelift as a sustainable method of wrinkle treatment

Although many methods of wrinkle removal exist, few convincingly result in sustainable wrinkle reduction. Countless creams and lotions are advertised to make wrinkles disappear, however, these treatments are necessarily temporary since it is impossible for creams and lotions to penetrate the skin so deeply that they become effective at the site of the wrinkles (i.e., in the subcutaneous connective tissue). The same applies to popular ‘thread lift’ treatments: The threads are unable to support the subcutaneous tissue and therefore do not provide a long term solution.

A surgical facelift, however, does fulfill these needs, and consistently helps clients to perceive themselves in the mirror in a more positive way. A facelift is gentle and bears minimal risk of complications. At our center, we carry out the procedure on an outpatient basis, but the comprehensive education and holistic support of our clients during treatment is of great importance to us. In this way, we ensure that, following treatment, clients look in the mirror more happily and more often!

Our face and neck lift techniques meet the highest standards

Our technique of facelift begins by first injecting the skin with a mixture of water and a local anesthetic. After the solution is drained, the skin can be expertly manipulated to achieve the desired result. Our technique avoids any need to manipulate facial areas near major nerves or vessels, thus ensuring that the already small risk of injury is absolutely minimised. During the facelift itself, clients are in half-sleep, so they are not generally aware of the procedure, which is not painful. Clients wear a head bandage for about two days following the facelift procedure. Two to three weeks after the procedure, a follow-up appointment is scheduled. The effect of the facelift is visible after two to three weeks, and the final result is achieved in about half a year.

We aim for a naturally more youthful look, avoiding any unsubtle or ostentatious results. Our method ensures there are no differences in the pigmentation of the wound and that there are no seasonal fluctuations of the treatment result. By following the physiologically prescribed facial vectors, a very natural-looking enhancement is achieved, which consistently satisfies the aesthetic demands of our clients as well as our own ideals.

A facelift creates new aesthetics through professional accompaniment

Cosmetic surgery is an intervention in the body, which can in very rare cases be associated with improper or unprofessional implementation with possible serious consequences. This applies equally to a facelift or to wrinkle treatment in the neck area. For this reason, we work in close cooperation with our clients to take risk mitigation measures in advance of the treatment. This includes a free informational appointment in which we inform the client about the procedure, the planned treatment course, and possible risks. This consultation also covers the realistic limits of the procedures offered: For example, wrinkle treatment in the mouth area can be limited, especially in smokers. The procedure itself takes place on an outpatient basis in our center. The administered anesthetic is exhaled via the breath, and entails no burden on the liver, kidneys or lungs. Our technique meets the highest medical safety—as well as aesthetic—standards.

We help you to re-experience your own beauty

One’s own aesthetic is important for every woman and every man—and for good reasons. The external appearance does not only supplement one’s sense of identity, but also plays an important role in individual well-being. A facelift treatment can make a contribution to this sense of well-being that should not be underestimated. While many clients are initially cautious about the idea of plastic surgery, old taboos associated with this now-common cosmetic decision continue to decline. This is reflected, for example, by the growing number of men registering for an informational appointment in our centre. The state of the procedure is now so advanced that there is a good chance you meet people who have had facelift surgery on a daily basis, but have never noticed because the results appear so natural. Consistently positive client feedback is a gratifying reminder that we have already helped many clients to look younger and feel better. Make a free appointment with us for more information!

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Our facelift technique creates a younger, more natural look, with outpatient treatment performed under gentle anesthesia to the highest professional standards. Make a free appointment for more information in our center!