BOTOX injections

Main target of Botox injections - facial wrinkles. They may appear in 18 years, just because you winking the sun, frowning at work or frowning when laughing. Botox is recognized worldwide as a method of combating wrinkles around the eyes and other facial wrinkles.

Filler injections

Often, even in a fairly young age, some people can have exhausted or tired face. The reason for this is the gradual disappearance of the hormone subcutaneous fat around the eyes and cheeks, sagging skin, and the appearance of deep facial wrinkles.


Some cosmetic problems can not be solved only by way of creams or massage, because the cause is not on their surface but it is hidden directly in the skin. The skin restoration procedures are much more effective if they affect the subcutaneous fat either. The effectiveness of mesotherapy is so high that it is prescribed not only for direct skin rejuvenation, but also for dealing with stress, which causes many problems and accelerates the age-related changes.


Biorevitalization is a unique method of prevention and correction of cosmetic defects of the skin saturating deeper subcutaneous layers with hyaluronic acid. This term can be literally translated as "the revival in the natural way."


A-PRP stands for Autologous - Platelet Rich Plasma.


Carboxytherapy is a procedure with several functions, which is moisturizing the skin and enrichment with oxygen and useful components (it occurs within 72 hours). This session in cosmetology helps activate blood circulation, vasodilatation, remove the cell waste products from the body.