Biorevitalization is a unique method of prevention and correction of cosmetic defects of the skin saturating deeper subcutaneous layers with hyaluronic acid. This term can be literally translated as "the revival in the natural way."
Hyaluronic acid is a hydrocolloid which is a component of the intercellular substances type. This acid is involved in cell division and their nutrition, development of collagen which is responsible for normal skin hydration.

Indications to biorevitalization

The main indications are:

  • the skin dryness, its dehydration.
  • reducing of skin elasticity, which may occur by virtue of age or other reasons.
  • small wrinkles.
  • the poor condition of the skin as a whole, which can be caused by constant exposure to sunlight, smoking or stress situations.
  • prevention of age-related changes.
  • restoration of skin after chemical peelings and laser polishing.
  • preparing a face to the procedures of ultraviolet radiation. The fact is that the hyaluronic acid facilitates the protection against free radicals which are formed under the influence of ultraviolet. In addition, it can moisturize the skin, which will lose a lot of moisture at high temperatures.
  • unhealthy skin color, the presence of pigmentation spots. Biorevitalization helps protect the skin with increased pigmentation and gradually restores its nice healthy color. For maximum effect, this technique can be executed with a median peeling and other cosmetic procedures.
  • Enlarged pores and the increased greasiness. Certain drugs, which include hyaluronic acid normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

It is worth noting that biorevitalization - is a great way not only to correct deficiencies, but also to support the health of the skin as a preventive measure. To maintain the beauty and freshness of your face, you can sign up for the procedure as early as 25 years.

Advantages of biorevitalization

  1. The maximum depth of the influence of active ingredient. Many cosmetic formulations are based on hyaluronic acid. However, when applying these creams on the skin, it acts only superficially, only moisturizes the horny layer. During biorevitalization active ingredient will affect both the average and the deep layers of the epidermis, and the acid has an impact on the level of cells: making the skin moisturized, it stimulates the production of elastin.
  2. Quick results. You may feel improvement after the first session.
  3. Duration of the result. You can enjoy a moisturized and soft skin for about six months after visiting the beautician (for some women the effect will last for years). As a result of biorevitalization the small wrinkles disappear completely, the skin becomes taut, it becomes a pleasant shade. With regard to the duration of effect, it depends on the biological age of the patient, general pathology, bad habits, and so on.

Biorevitalization - is it only for the face?

This procedure can be performed on almost any area of the skin. The most popular procedure is the biorevitalization of the front part of the neck and décolleté area, as well as skin rejuvenation of hands. The fact that these open parts of the body more susceptible to negative effects of sunlight, which contribute to skin aging.
It is worth noting that biorevitalization is suitable even for very delicate and sensitive areas such as the upper and lower eyelids. Quite often, the fair sex, who are used to care for themselves, age-related changes are located near the ears. Biorevitalization of this area, as well as the earlobe -  is a common service.

Biorevitalization - way to remove wrinkles?

After a visit to a cosmetologist, you can expect to the disappearance of small wrinkles. However, to completely remove wrinkles better to use other technologies (such as contour plastic or Botox injections which are more helpful). The action of hyaluronic acid is primarily aimed at preventing the appearance of age-related changes, the return of integuments desired degree of hydration and elasticity (this is what allows the woman a fresh and healthy appearance).

Biorevitalization - effect on the entire body

Skin is the main organ where the hyaluronic acid is formed, so executing the session biorevitalization increases the concentration of the substance in the body as a whole. When not only the skin receives this acid, but also other organs, causing the general rejuvenation.

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