BOTOX injections

BOTOX injections

Main target of Botox injections - facial wrinkles. They may appear in 18 years, just because you winking the sun, frowning at work or frowning when laughing.

Botox is recognized worldwide as a method of combating wrinkles around the eyes and other facial wrinkles.

Efficacy, safety and affordability make Botox injections a popular way of prolonging youth.

They can adjust the facial mimicry, eliminating negative emotions (for example, the problem of drooping corners of the mouth disappears), making the face well-groomed and elegant.

An additional positive effect is the disappearance of migraine attacks.

Botox injections give tangible results in the 5-7 day.

Botox is absolutely reliable and safe - it is proved by more than 20-year experience and the use of many clinical trials of the drug in different countries of the world.

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