Filler injections

Filler injections

Often, even in a fairly young age, some people can have exhausted or tired face. The reason for this is the gradual disappearance of the hormone subcutaneous fat around the eyes and cheeks, sagging skin, and the appearance of deep facial wrinkles.

Whether this is due to age, genetics, prolonged fatigue or illness, it brings discomfort and constant feeling of dissatisfaction with the own appearance.

In the field of cosmetic medicine for many years the injections of hyaluronic acid have been used to restore the missing fat or contouring the oval face, nose, lips, earlobes, and others.

Hyaluronic acid in the human body is responsible for the amount and composition of the intercellular fluid of the skin tissue. Through this substance regenerative processes in the skin are being provided . However, a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid is produced in the body in an average until the age of 25. Therefore, the injection of this substance not only adds the volume, but also counteracts the dehydration.

Depending on the area of concern and the required result the doctor selects the type and brand of hyaluronic acid and, if the procedures are going to be held in the field of danger herpes reaction, pre-assigns preventive herpes drug.

If desired, the procedure is carried out with minimal anesthesia or without it, as  painkillers components are already included into the syringe with hyaluron.

During the procedure at the site of injection slight swellings immediately appear, so the result of the procedure is better to assess in a few weeks. Therefore, during monitoring visits to a doctor, if necessary,  minor adjustments can be carried out.

Within two weeks after the procedure, certain rules of the post procedure period must be followed:

  • on the first day after the procedure makeup is not allowed to be applied to the injection sites
  • within two weeks not to sunbathe, not to take a hot bath or sauna
  • minimize the amount of alcohol and cigarettes

Depending on the characteristics of the patient, the procedure should be repeated every two - three years.

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