Some cosmetic problems can not be solved only by way of creams or massage, because the cause is not on their surface but it is hidden directly in the skin. The skin restoration procedures are much more effective if they affect the subcutaneous fat either. The effectiveness of mesotherapy is so high that it is prescribed not only for direct skin rejuvenation, but also for dealing with stress, which causes many problems and accelerates the age-related changes.

Mesotherapy for hair is different because of its long-term effect and helps to cope with such a complex problem like hair loss or even suspends the appearance of gray hair.

Specialists of our clinics select special drugs that stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and hair follicles, as well as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other components. As a rule, we are able to pick up a complex power supply for every type of skin and hair. The procedure is safe and comfortable.

Mesotherapy is like an individual "cocktail" of anti-aging preparations chosen especially for you!

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